A unique organisation with means and skills adapted to the complexity of the mission

OSAC’s activities are governed by a Quality Management System (QMS) that meets the requirements of the EN 9100: 2016 standard and those of the European aeronautical regulations in terms of airworthiness oversight.

The organisation of OSAC according to user groups ensures the standardisation of oversight methods for each class of users and the specialization of inspectors with a progressive development of skills.

  • DOEM / Maintenance
  • DOPM / Production
  • DOAG / General Aviation
  • DOME / Training and mechanics
  • DOOM / Overseas territories
  • DOEA / EASA Subcontracting

Serving aeronautical organisations

  • Aircraft operators,
  • OEMs,
  • Maintenance organisations,
  • Training schools and organisations,
  • Aeronautical mechanics,
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO),
  • Civil and state Authorities. 

OSAC's missions

Issue and surveillance of approvals regarding aircraft production and maintenance, airworthiness management and maintenance staff training.

  • Examine applications and issue aeronautical mechanics licenses.
  • Inspections and checks requested for the issue of individual airworthiness documents.
  • Approval of staff to carry out aircraft airworthiness reviews.
  • Assistance to the French Civil Aviation Safety Directorate (DSAC) in monitoring airworthiness and in publishing airworthiness directives.
  • Training and information on aviation régulations.

The aeronautical inspector’s license

Licence Inspecteur Aéronautique

The competence of OSAC’s experts and inspectors is continuously maintained through a training program as well as skills and knowledge assessments, which are formalized by the aeronautical inspector license.

Professionals at the heart of the oversight system

Oversight is designed primarily for civil aviation professionals and hence it has to be coordinated with them. The Consultation and Coordination Committee on Aeronautical Technical Control (GCCCTA) was created with this principle in mind. Meeting quarterly, it brings together OSAC with organizations and groups in the domain.

The GCCCTA aims to improve :

  • the safety
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of the control system