Expertise in aeronautical risk management at the service of Authorities and Institutions in civil and military aviation

The Directorate of Government Affairs is responsible for developing OSAC's activities beyond the delegation of oversight. These activities include consulting, diagnosis, support, training, and reinforcement of authority on civil aviation and military aviation standards, in all areas of aviation safety.

Accompany to improve performance

Putting in place new referencing systems, writing the associated technical documentation or improvement of the organisation, tools and methods while including change management: to conduct these missions, OSAC carries out a diagnosis, delivers a report of the analysis, presents an action plan and participates in its implementation.

Train to improve staff qualification

Regulatory technical and practical training courses, in France and internationally, with made to measure content: the courses are given face-to face, on-site or online, with a trainer or as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

OSAC’s experts intervene in the courses at engineering ‘Grandes Ecoles’ (ENAC, EPF, ISAE Supaero). Since 2015, OSAC has co-founded and run the specialised Master’s degree « Safety Management in Aviation » at ENAC.

Strengthen to complete human and material resources

OSAC experts can integrate your teams to carry out and optimize tasks, present reports, and give recommendations. The scope of our interventions can include, for example, the oversight of design, production, maintenance, training and continuing airworthiness management organizations, aircraft safety checks, operational inspections of airports and simulators, in-flight checks, product certification and the monitoring of their continued Airworthiness. OSAC can develop and share tools and methods based on those already used.

Innovate for safety management

OSAC develops solutions to support Authorities in the implementation of safety management requirements:

  • State Safety Programme (SSP),
  • Risk & Performance Based Oversight (RPBO): OSAC has developed a software program, analytical models and oversight documents that enable Authorities to put in place an oversight based on risk analysis -‘RPBO’-, in compliance with EASA requirements.
  • Safety audits of helicopter, aircraft and drone operators, based on OSAC’s own adaptable reference materials and tools that can integrate demonstration flights and monitor emergency evacuation procedures in lifelike situations

Over 10 years’ expertise accompanying organisations worldwide

Civil Aviation

  • DGAC France
  • OACI
  • EASA
  • National Civil Aviation Authorities: Moldavia, Tunisia, Luxemburg, Euro-Mediterranean Area EUROMED, South Asia (COSCAP), Mauritius, Madagascar

Military Aviation

  • European Defence Agency (EAD)
  • French Military Airworthiness Authority (DSAÉ)
  • French Directorate General of Armaments (DGA)
  • French Ministry of the Armed Forces
  • Belgian Military Airworthiness Authority (BMAA)
  • French Military Maintenance Authority (DMAé)
  • Norwegian Armed Forces